Useful information for your relocation, European house removals

With increases in VAT, fuel prices and general inflation , moving from one country to another in Europe has become a costly operation.

There are many small things that can be done for very little cost which can save a lot of money and make the experience less stressful .

The first rule to observe prior to any removal is to dispose of useless items, by this I mean items that have not been unpacked since your last removal, things you have not used in five years, broken object that you might repair one day (it never happens) and random bits of materials that might one day come useful.

You may also consider disposing of anything of a lesser value than the cost of transporting it, item you were thinking about replacing soon.

And remember to clear the loft !

Plan where things will go in your new home


-Contact your utilities provider to book disconnection and final meter readings

-Notify your telephone company and internet service provider.

-Arrange for satellite dish to be removed and subscription to satellite service stopped

-Notify TV licensing authority

-Notify the local authorities of your departure

Subscriptions, post  and rental agreements

-Cancel all rental agreements and arrange for return of rented items

-Arrange to redirect post towards your new address

-Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries

-Cancel magazine subscriptions or redirect to your new address

-Notify all clubs and organisations that you belong to of your plans to move home

Banking, Creditors, Identification documents and health service

-Notify your Doctor, Dentist, Optician, Vet

-Notify all your creditors

-Notify your banks and credit card companies

-Passport, car licence and registration offices

-Notify the inland revenue of your change of address

Disconnection of appliances, or other items requiring specialist tradesman

-All gas appliances should be disconnected prior to the removal by an approved Gas engineer, (removal companies are not insured to interfere with gas).

-All appliances connected to main water supply or electricity (other than by way of plug and socket) should also be disconnected in advance by qualified staff.

-Take down light fittings.

-Contact carpet fitter if needed

A few details easy to forget; before and during and after your removal

-Run down the freezer contents

-Return any items borrowed from neighbours

-Collect your dry cleaning

-Sort out any items that are not to be moved

-Find and label keys for your purchaser

Food, valuables and toys for the kids

-Plan and organise your meals—it may be easier to eat out or at some friends or family during the loading of your removal

-Put together a basic catering pack for the new home—including the kettle!

-Separate valuable items and important documents ready for you to hand carry

-Collect children’s toys for the journey

Moving does not mean you have to lose contact with friends, remember to tell all friends and family that you are moving. Send a card with your new address details.

From our experience of moving people , we have come across all these situations on different removals, we even have long standing jokes about things that keep repeating themselves, from the vast quantities of plastic coat hangers that people insist on transporting , even though they can be replaced free of charge with any clothes purchase, to the ever present guitar that has been gathering dust for 15 years. The entire novelty product you get for Christmas like foot spa, yoghurt maker, and fondue set (everybody has one in the cupboard, even me). 

We hope this can give you an idea of how to make your move just that little bit easier, and don't hesitate to contact us if you require anymore information or quote for your removal.


Remi Girardin, CEO of RGTS Europe LTD.